This is the traditional English word for something that has been specially tailored. This is also what I do – I am just like a bespoke tailor!

I offer my services depending on your personal wishes and needs. However, what I offer is not going to fit like a pair of pyjamas – if a tailor makes something for you it suits, but it still needs time to adjust. In order to ensure that everything suits, I ask questions, I want to know what moves you, what kind of personal growth you long for and what your desires are. Certainly, I also want to know the unpleasant pinches, the wrinkles and if there are any painful chafe marks.

I take time. With you.  I want everything I offer you to fit perfectly for you personally, for your team or your target group.  What do you need? Something light like a summer suit? Or something that keeps you warm like a winter coat? Is there anything to adjust, to ease or to take in? Or are we talking about creating something new? A new outfit?  A new look?

Get in touch.  We will talk about it.  I can also offer to come to you, to take measurements, to choose the fabric, to determine the style.

A tailor-made suit is a bit more costly than ready-to-wear, but you will surely take more delight in it! I give you my word!