Get started! Live your visions!

Of course, who does not want that.  But how is it achievable? Sadly, even New Year’s resolutions are often old news on the second of January. The question is: What can I do and what am I willing to do? And what is even more important: What am I experiencing through this process? And also: What am I really longing for? Experience is the key to lasting, responsible action.

Visions and goals need bringing to life! Anything else would be neglectful. Visions, goals, desires become concrete, when we realise what is important to us. When you want to discover something new, you must let go of anything old. You must let go in order to rediscover your potential, your abilities, your desires. Clear out and make room, so that something new can grow.

I am going to support you to develop a new and different awareness of your values. I am not going to tell you WHAT you could do – you yourself are the expert on this. What I am going to do is to show you HOW to get a new perspective on what is important. Then you can develop your own dynamic to stay on this path.

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