Why Schlick?


I am a questioner and a facilitator. I provoke.

I have been a coach for people and teams for over two decades, I have trained many people who have been seeking value and meaning in their lives, I have been a monk of the Order of Saint Benedict for over twenty years and the various experiences as a child, adolescent and then as a husband and father have matured me.

Nevertheless, I never feel as if I have arrived or as if there is nothing more to learn. I love to be on the journey.  On the way:  discovering new things, asking questions, changing perspectives and broadening people’s horizons.

I am a listener; I allow space for everyone’s personal development, I provide a secure environment for your individual evolvement. If necessary, I ask questions that provoke, that are loud and that awaken your potential so that you can feel what has been waiting inside you!

My unshakably positive view on life with all its demands and challenges, through which we have the blessing of finding ourselves, helps me to handle changes and to listen to and find the necessary answers.

I absolutely trust that our true self, our nature, one’s core ego is perfectly healthy. And in this, I find my spirituality, which lets me grow in stature and strength, but which lets me also stay humble. Through spirituality I am connected to the spirit which gives me freedom, creativity, potential, relationships and much more, but most of all love.

I am driven by my desire: I desire meaningful actions and valuable experiences. I approach life with gratitude, respect and with a sense of basic trust. These values lead my decisions and they give me a sense of calmness and tranquility to enjoy the gift of my life. I can see the results in the relationships with the people I encounter. In sharing, passing on, inspiring, supporting and in mutual amazement I experience bliss.  In this way, I am looking forward to new encounters, to your questions and to finding the answers together.

Or have a look at my chapters of life.

Life itself is meaningful.

Have a look at my chapters of life.