Chapters of life

Christoph Schlick
1961 born in Graz

Professional experience (selection)

  • 1980 – 2004 monk in the Order of Saint Benedict in the abbey of Seckau (responsibilities: pastoral care, school, economic management and boarding school)
  • since 2000 self-employed life coach and business consultant
  • 2001 founding of the Insitute for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis Salzburg
  • 2012 founding of the business consultancy
  • 2014 founding of the SinnZENTRUM Salzburg

Qualification and further training (selection)

  • studies of law and theology in Graz, Salzburg and Rome
  • education in logotherapy and existential analysis (with Dr. Otto Zsok and Dr. Elisabeth Lukas at the Süddeutsches Institut für Logotherapie – Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany)
  • education in value-imagination (with Dr. Uwe Böschemeyer)
  • education at the German Ärzteakademie für Geistiges Heilen (with Dr. Wolfgang Bittscheidt and Teresa Schuhl)
  • various qualifications and further training as a consultant, coach, speaker, trainer