The Facilitator
The Pro-vocateur
The Questioner

My language provokes: My language is a question-asking, a challenge – because where it crackles, where it burns, there is life, there is your potential. That is where we want to go!

My questions broaden horizons, reveal possibilities, promote ideas, give you courage, raise values, create meaning and spark your enthusiasm.

Good questions lead far and go deep: With depth, sincerity, and a great awareness of my and your responsibility, we raise your potential.

Good questions do not have to hurt: With a tasty dose of humor, with a wink of the eye, with lightness, I will gladly accompany you.


Why Schlick?

In my lectures it becomes tangible that new paths need courage. That you can develop yourself and go a long way. That you need to unfold in order to become content and that this does not have to be difficult, nor does it limit others. I let you experience the power that lies within you and is just waiting to be put into action in your company, in well-functioning teams and in your relationships.

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Your potential is incredibly large! Welcome to your development!
When sometimes the stress is enormous, the problems seem almost unsolvable, and you may ask yourself more and more often: Why am I still doing this to myself?
Or if you are simply looking for something new, if your enthusiasm is waning and you need impulses.

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Made to measure

I speak customized! I also coach you personally tailored to your needs. So that everything fits exactly, I ask questions, I want to know what moves you, in which direction you want to develop, and what you are burning for. And of course, also where it pinches, where there are unpleasant wrinkles or where something rubs. I take my time for this. With you. So that what I offer you, your team or your target group really fits.

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