To enthusiasm

You burn for your company! Your employees need to feel your fire and your enthusiasm and they themselves should burn, without burning out!

When we feel indifference and when boredom finds its way into our soul, then what is missing is an OBJECTIVE!

When we lose our OBJECTIVE, we do not know what answers we want and can meaningfully give. We get irresponsible. Towards ourselves, towards the people around us and towards the company we work for. This can happen again and again, but often we can free ourselves from chaos, resolve a problem and rediscover essential motivation.

Conflicts and discords can naturally occur in a team;  however, when the periods in between get shorter and shorter and the intensity of a conflict increases, then it is time to set sail in a new direction and to alter one’s course.

With my ideas and questions, I want to reawaken you, I want to show you new perspectives and I want to give you courage: courage to rekindle your flame, to cast off what paralyzes you and to allow that which wants to thrive inside you. You will not find the answers in me, but you will find them in yourself, in your team, in your visions, in your values! I am like a catalyst that helps you discard your burden and rediscover and use your potential.

Then your objective and your goal will come back to life! When the seed has started to sprout, then growth cannot be stopped!

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